A few of my favorite things for the last minute peeps!

The holidays snuck up on me so quickly this year!  There are TWELVE days until Christmas.  For those of you who waited, or those of you who have to buy for the IMPOSSIBLE person, this one's for you!  I think this goes without saying, but I am certainly in no way related to any of the products below except that I genuinely love them!
Find something for a loved one or shop for yourself!    Happy Holidays from me to you!

Ex Voto Vintage:

I love all of the gorgeous jewelry from Ex Voto.  My current obsessions are the personalized bracelets and lockets; the "Emily Necklace" is my all time favorite... there's something for everyone from age: child to... let's just say, mature adult.   A portion of all the sales go to The Cure Starts Now for pediatric brain cancer research which touched the life of (truly amazing) owner, Elizabeth Adams.  

Stephanie King Art:

Stephanie is a rockstar.  Every time I see her work I get the worst case of the "I wants".  It's too late to commission a "Family Crest" for the holidays, but that (and a new fancy car) would be at the top of my list!!

Girls Inc:

I have a daughter.  Most days I feel completely ill-equipped to raise her.  I forgot how terribly hard middle school and high school can be.  Girls Inc is in most cities.  They teach girls to value their "whole selves"; help them navigate the (barbaric) social challenges of growing up girl; help with academic enrichment; healthy living; life skills; the list goes on.  
Donate in any mother's name for a seriously meaningful gift.  

Kevin Murphy Body Mass:

I am having a love affair with this spray.   I think it is certainly all the power of suggestion, but when my hairstylist told me that it has the same ingredients as Latisse, I was in.  Who doesn't want more hair?  Also, it smells good.


Marni CelluliTx:

For the woman that already knows you love her... proceed with caution!

This one might seem strange, but coming from me who asks or ONE thing for Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, my birthday (you get the point): Gift certificates to Dr. Biesman (THE guru for all things beauty related).  I gladly and gratefully accept all the help that I can receive/afford.  My new favorite thing: cellulite cream.  It actually works. 


Lexie Armstrong:

Insanely talented Lexie has painted some of the most meaningful gifts I have ever given.  From the stationery for my mom with a painted blue tick hound (my mom's Jolene); to the many gifts that I buy for myself: gorgeous place cards, notecards and my sweetest painting of a pair of box turtles (some of my childhood favorite pets).  I wish I could post more pics.  You must go to her website to find the sweetest treasures!


E M I L Y P H I L L I P S 

Now through the end of the year, we will be donating $20 from every sale:  $10 to Girls Inc. and $10 to NashvilleYoung Lives.
Nashville Young Lives is an organization that supports teen moms and their babies through education; encouragement and love.   
As a single mom, having the support of other women is vital to me and to my children.  It is a mission of this company to help other moms, other women, other girls in the largest possible way we can.  


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