Our goal at EMILY PHILLIPS is to create an entire wardrobe with the simplicity and elegance of a single dress.  As women, we have the luxury of being so creative with our wardrobe.  Sometimes, quite frankly, this becomes a burden and we end up in our same "go to" few outfits more than we care to admit.  We want women to spend less time worrying about what to wear and more time enjoying their life! It's not that I want to wear exercise clothes around all day.  It's that I want to be comfortable and I don't want to wear a MU-MU.  It's no longer a "man's world" and I don't want to dress like one.  We wanted to create a dress that could take you from...

  • bedtime
  • to work
  • to soccer games
  • out to dinner
  • to see a show
  • to the beach
... the applications are limitless.  Our dresses and shirts simplify and beautify.  A change of shoes, a different shade of lipstick, a dangly earring and you're wearing something completely new.   We feel comfortable saying that after your first dress, you will be back.


A B O U T   M E 

   When I was a little girl I dreamed of being a fashion designer.  I entered every design contest that YM and Seventeen Magazine offered.  As I got older I immersed myself in every facet of the fashion industry.  From shirt folder to more shirt folding to fashion magazine (Seventeen Magazine, ironically) to buyer to designer.  I love this industry and truly believe that it is young brands like mine that dictate what true fashion, quality and beauty are, and what they will become.  We still love what we do, we are doing it ourselves, and we are making it with our hands.  We haven't run out of ideas yet or hired in-house designers.  We aren't following trends... we are creating them.  

I am a single mother of 2 pretty hilarious children, a pretty bad cook, a lover of wine, food and laughing; very committed to laughing at myself and not taking myself too seriously.  

Having children (and being a human) makes me want to run a business that my children are proud of and that leaves a positive mark on this earth.  I am committed to making my clothes ethically; I am committed to using fabrics and fibers that are sustainable, natural and look for any chance to find resources that are positively impacting the environment; I am committed to women owned businesses; and I am committed to community and collaboration!  Please check out the charities we support; please go support other women owned businesses!