A good friend knows all your stories....

...A best friend helped you write them.

 I think back over this last year and holy crap!   When you are living it, the small victories feel.... well, small!  It was last February that I FINALLY got my first collection in (do you know that it took over a year?).  Then I launched the IFundWomen campaign (oh my gosh that almost put me in the hospital).  Beyond those 2 big things, there were just little victories every day.  There were a few big errors and some daily fails as well, but damn!  

I am working on samples with 2 new factories so I won't ever be out of product; I am carefully opening up a few wholesale accounts (seeing my clothes in stores is a little girl's dream come true!); I have an intern!  Not sure why that feels so official, but it definitely does!  My business feels like a real business now and that's a crazy feeling.  

My point is: you guys all helped me write this story.  You continue to help me write this story.  From our Beach Cover up photo shoots at the pool: literally selling button down shirts and shirt dresses to unsuspecting sunbathers; girls trips to Chicago; getting over my fear of the camera (I didn't) to do the video for IFundWomen and the Folgers commercial; sweet friends buying their whole family shirts and shirtdresses for Christmas; folding parties and so much more!

 I still get super excited every time I get an order online.  I hope you feel like when you are shopping with me that you are a part of this big group of girls that made this big thing happen.  You need to know that you are helping me write this story and that is something only the best of girlfriends do!!

Thank you all!!


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