Dress Well, Feel Well

I don't want to zoom celebrate Thanksgiving.  This year I put out a bowl of candy with a sign that said "Be Kind To The Person Behind" and I watched on my Ring as a greedy kid dressed up as Sponge Bob pawed the bucket into his pillowcase. I knew things were close to bottom when I couldn't find anything to spend my ShopBop gift certificate on.   Even shopping has lost its joy.  

Luckily this is my 3rd or 4th round of my grief cycle, so I have a few tricks up my sleeve.  Wake up every day at the same time; drink less than a bottle of wine each night, eat well, brush my hair and oh yeah:

... It's time to get dressed.  I don't necessarily love the idea either, but... for the love of self, let's do it.  It's like keeping a schedule, (which I also hate) it gives your chaotic feeling life some order.  I am using so many words right now that usually make me anxious, but my stages of grief in this pandemic have been MANY and I think taking control of the things you can take control of is important to ending the BLAH feelings that are creeping inside my heart!!  I wore a dress the other day and the look on my boyfriend's face (confusion, anxiety, fear) helped me realize... It's time to get dressed

I also think that I can only do so many things at once, so for right now: I want the Reeses pumpkins; pizza; wine, but I'll trade you for getting dressed, exercising and putting on mascara and lip gloss (chapstick counts).

Looking good is an easy way to get ya feeling good!  I swear I'm not just saying it, it's true.  Looking good.  Feeling good.  It's a thing.    

Luckily, we make getting dressed easy.  Put on a dress: done.  These days you don't even need shoes!  Can't get out of your sweatpants?  No problem.  I love my chambray shirt or oxford button down with my stretchiest of sweats.  No bra needed.  A maxi doubles as my robe when I need to go to the mailbox.  Even though I am wearing my Ugg slippers people are still stopping and staring because I look so fancy.  Getting dressed made me productive today while wine and chocolate made my pants go up a size.  One thing at a time.   

Do yourself a favor. 

 Organic Hemp Cotton shirt

Get Dressed.  

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