The Year of The Woman... What does it really mean?

 I just went to see the movie Captain Marvel.  I absolutely believe that all women have super powers.   About 4 years ago I went to a birthday party.  It was all girls and I left feeling like I had just been to an oxygen bar.  Women are capable of such deep emotion and relationship and support and kindness, we can breathe life into others.  The reason that party sticks out so much in my mind is that's not the typical experience.  I can look at my daughter at age 12 and see girls in middle school already tearing each other apart.  It's a sport; it's survival of the fittest.  I can see it pretty clearly in my industry of women: "like crabs in a bucket" trying to reach the top; I see it in mom's: and for the life of me I can't figure out what we are trying to win?

You would have to be without eyes or ears to know that this it is a great time to be a woman right now.  Amazing women are determined and inevitably WILL close this gender gap.  It feels great, it feels right, it feels monumental... It also feels like we are missing something.  Why is it, do you think that there are so many social media "memes" and quotes and posts about women supporting women, shouldn't that absolutely go without saying?  I have searched far and wide and have yet to find one about men supporting men?  As we build a movement of breaking any and all gender inequality, shouldn't we make sure that our foundation is solid?  Talking about "rising tides" raising ships is one thing... now we need to go do it.  

I say this so many times, I hope it doesn't lose meaning.  The support of the  women around me, have built this business.  The "girlfriend shirt" wasn't named at random.  It's paying homage to the women that took a chance on me; invited me into their homes; funded my IFundWomen campaign; talked me off ledges; cried with me; laugh with me... They're superheroes.  All women are.  

As we sparkle and shine right now and put an absolute end to sexual harassment, the wage gap and any/all gender discrimination, I hope we can look around and see all the Superwomen next to us and realize the enormous possibility that lies ahead.  I hope one day it will never cross anyone's mind to remind women to support women because women are pretty awesome.  

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