Voyage Et Cie Candle Gift Set

Voyage Et Cie Candle Gift Set

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Our favorite way to find your "signature" Voyage scent! 

Three quintessential scents of their season, nestled in a custom, black, Voyage et Cie gift box.  Choose from the following curated sets of fragrances:

Winter: (1) Charlevoix “Noël” + (1) Val D’Isere “Les Pinedes” + (1) St. Moritz “Feu de Bois”

Spring: (1) Provence “Jasmine” + (1) Bali “Gardenia” + (1) Roma “Tuberosa”

Summer: (1) Ibiza “La Plage” + (1) Malibu “No. 77” + (1) Positano “Honeysuckle”

Autumn: (1) 5ème Quartier Latin “Santal Épicer” + (1) 6ème St. Germain “Figue Cyprès” + (1) St. Barths “Amber”

(3) 1.5 oz candles.

Sets are sold as listed.